Digitizing Logistics
to deliver for customers


Logistics providers are going through an era of unprecedented upheaval. Rapid digitization, skyrocketing customer expectations and a set of new challengers spawned from the latest technologies has changed the face of the industry. To thrive in this new environment Logistics providers need to evolve both your technology and processes to satisfy your customers.

By harnessing digitization, Logistics providers can supersede incumbent competitors, fight off challengers and deliver a customer experience fit for the future. CloudSense offers a single, Salesforce-native platform for Logistics. Our platform provides visibility of every customer, across their entire journey – from quote to delivery fulfilment – ensuring sales and delivery are accurate and personalized. CloudSense supports complex pricing and discounting, automating calculations according to your business rules, eliminating errors, saving time and ensuring you deliver on time and on budget for your customers.

Provide sales a single source of truth

Unlock your sales potential

With CloudSense you can sell faster and more accurately using guided quoting and proposals for your sales team, direct from Salesforce. Provide a single view of customers and prospects, with all relevant data and information available for sales, enabling them to deliver a personalized service. Give your sales team actionable insights into relevant up and cross-selling opportunities to increase your revenues and your customers’ satisfaction.

CloudSense’s product catalog supports complex pricing tariffs, enabling Logistics providers to dynamically automate pricing, launch new services faster and update your pricing and packages quickly and easily. CloudSense handles multiple discount layers, automated according to your rules, to eliminate errors and save time. 

Key features


  • Salesforce-native Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
  • Omnichannel
  • Dynamic real-time pricing tariffs and rates
  • Supports multiple dynamic discounts
  • Rule-based approvals and pricing
  • Guided selling
  • Single view of customers on Salesforce

Automate contracts for fast & accurate sales

Maximize the value of your contracts

CloudSense Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) delivers the visibility, standardization and efficient processes you need to manage risk, proactively meet deadlines and maximize the value of your contracts, all on Salesforce. Automate the creation, approval and delivery of your contracts, along with your customers’ approval processes, to provide a fast and auditable contract management process.

With CloudSense, sales teams can create contracts quicker and your legal team can collaborate and maintain control on complex deals. Safeguard the accuracy of your contracts with guided authoring and editing processes. CloudSense CLM gives Logistics providers a more responsive customer experience, leading to increased conversion rates and happier customers.

Key features


  • Fully integrated Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Automated contracts
  • Guided editing and approval
  • Jeopardy management
  • Approval workflow rules
  • Salesforce-native
  • eSignature


Join up your sales and delivery processes

Provide a seamless delivery experience

Join up your sales and delivery processes to create a seamless customer experience with CloudSense Order Management. Fulfil every delivery request quickly and effectively by automating and accelerating the delivery of your orders. CloudSense gives sales and delivery teams visibility of every customer order through Salesforce, with automated processes and workflows tracking and revealing any problems with your delivery.

Give your customers the visibility they crave with live tracking and order status notifications and manage ongoing services and subscriptions seamlessly. The CloudSense Platform ensures your agents provide a smooth delivery experience by giving customer service agents the information and actionable insights they need to be proactive through fast diagnosis and rapid action.

Key features


  • Automated service fulfilment & self-service portals
  • Jeopardy alerts
  • Management console for customer service agents
  • Supports ongoing services & subscriptions
  • Drag & drop process modelling
  • Salesforce-native

Make more of Salesforce

Get a 360-degree view of your customers

CloudSense leverages and enhances the Salesforce data model to deliver the functionality and customer experience you need. Access your data in real-time to maintain accuracy and provide accessibility and automate tasks to increase delivery speed and eliminate errors. Centralize your sales and service information to provide teams a single source of truth and the visibility they need to deliver a truly joined-up customer experience.



  • 360 degree view of customers and orders
  • Fulfil the entire commerce journey on one platform
  • Real-time updates
  • Role-specific interfaces
  • Automate processes to increase speed & accuracy

Customer success story

PostNL CPQ CloudSense Salesforce

PostNL & CloudSense

PostNL is a leading postal and logistics solutions provider in the Netherlands and abroad, delivering over 1.1 million items to 200 countries every day. With CloudSense, PostNL can deliver with increased speed and accuracy for business customers, applying CloudSense’s dynamic pricing to configure, price and quote their complex pricing tariffs – all automated and without having to leave Salesforce.


Wim Reedjik, Director of IT Strategic Change, PostNL

“CloudSense stood out from the competing solutions due to their ability to easily handle complex pricing and the exceptional user interface they provided. The CloudSense Platform will streamline our sales processes, enabling PostNL to sell more effectively, while providing an improved customer experience to our business customers.

Wim Reedjik

Director of IT Strategic Change



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