A single solution
for Data Center sales

Data Center Owners

The Hosting market is experiencing an unprecedented period of change as customer expectations rise and a set of enormous competitors saturate the market. To compete and thrive in this fiercely contested industry, Data Center owners must sell an increasingly complex portfolio of products and services, while also providing customers with a flexible, accurate and fast service. You need to combine products and services – whether they are your own or third party – into complete profitable solutions for your end customers or for partners to resell.

For many Hosting providers, the continued use of siloed legacy systems means that delivering the breadth of products and services, as well as the flexibility and speed demanded by your customer base, is simply not possible. CloudSense delivers a single Salesforce-native Platform for colocation, cloud, network and managed services that gives Data Center owners visibility and control across every sales channel. This single source of truth optimizes your sales, enabling you to combine any and all products and services to deliver a personalized, and profitable joined-up customer journey.

Provide your sales team a single source of truth


Eliminate silos with a 360-degree customer view

Combine any product or service to present a single solution to your customers and broaden your value proposition. Break down silos to provide your sales team with a single source of truth and a 360-degree view of each customer, enabling the delivery of personalized, relevant recommendations and an improved customer experience. Centralize account, product, subscription and renewal data removing the need to access different systems to make changes. Integrate to provisioning and billing systems with data flowing downstream seamlessly negating any duplicate effort.  Increase your employee and partner sales output by configuring, pricing and quoting all products and services in the CloudSense Platform.

Key features

  • Sell any combination of product and services to deliver complete profitable solutions i.e. colocation, hosting, cloud, network and managed services from a single system
  • Salesforce-native CPQ, across every channel
  • Flexible enough to handle non-standard requests, but controlled to ensure accurate selling
  • Self-serve and partner portals to maximize profit
  • Manage all accounts and offerings from a single cloud based solution


Sell more products and services – with accuracy and flexibility


Maximize customer lifetime value

Deliver accurate quoting and metric calculation in every deal using a single product catalog and easily understand the breakeven and profit timescales of any complete solution. Launch new products and services to differentiate your offering and configure non-standard solutions when required. Deliver a single sales experience across every channel with built in business rules to ensure pricing accuracy and valid selling through service and eligibility checks. Ensure you always maximize your profit with easy to follow guided selling screens, needs analysis and next best action.

Key features

  • Guided selling screens
  • Single shared product
  • Profit and loss calculator
  • Service and eligibility checks
  • Full audit trail of changes
  • Business, pricing and approval workflows created with clicks not code

Seamlessly manage quotes, contracts and orders

Onboard customers with ease and reduce admin costs

Manage your entire quote and contract creation with auditable changes and approvals. Remove legal from the equation for all but the non-standard deals and limit time spent on negotiations and standard contract terms with powerful document generation and eSignature functionality for all deal types. Intelligently manage quoting of renewals, changes, additions and moves – increasing customer retention and ensuring seamless sales interactions. Automatically generate renewal opportunities based on the complete solution currently provisioned to a customer and allow better identification of at risk revenue or unprofitable accounts while giving sales a clear renewals pipeline.

Key features

  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Service subscription management
  • Automated contracts
  • Define approval workflow
  • Automated service renewals
  • Jeopardy management

Take Salesforce further

Centralize sales & product information

Extend and enhance your Salesforce capabilities to ensure you’re making the most of your investment. Centralize sales and product information to give your teams a single source of truth and the visibility they need to deliver complete profitable solutions across channels. Access all your data in real-time to maintain accuracy across your organization and automate manual processes to increase speed and reduce errors.


  • Quote, sell and deliver from Salesforce
  • Manage all products and services from Salesforce
  • 360-degree view of customers
  • Role-specific interfaces
  • Real-time updates

Customer success story

Server room

Interxion is a leading pan-European provider of co-location and associated managed services. It enables more than 1,200 companies to securely house, connect, monitor and maintain mission-critical IT equipment in 11 countries. Interxion needed to define and implement a consistent sales process and consider options to replace its legacy sales system, CloudSense delivered.

“The CloudSense platform is an integral part of the solution, it ensures that a guided selling process is enabled for even the most complex products.”

Clinton Hasell

VP, Sales Operations



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