Choice can be complicated
Your sales shouldn’t be


The communications market has been disrupted and Communications Service Providers are at the apex of unrelenting change. The shift to digital has created new customer expectations in the products they buy, how they engage and their level of control.

Legacy systems and architecture are limiting CSP’s ability to transform into a truly agile Digital Service Provider. The speed is slow and the cost too high for innovation at the customer layer. Customer experience and NPS are negatively impacted by clunky and uncoordinated journeys as they interact with the CSP.

CSPs require an accelerating level of agility in the BSS layer, disassociated from the longer OSS cycles. Bringing together the leading technology in how they interact, sell and provision whilst catering for communications specific capability.

Next-generation architectural choices are the foundation of succeeding in the digital first era. Replacing single vendor stacks and custom developed solutions with a best-of-breed architecture accelerates agility now, and in the future, whilst delivering the experiences customers require today.

CloudSense for B2B Communications

Transform sales and provisioning

CloudSense provide everything you need to sell and deliver for your business customers. Built to handle high complexity services such as MPLS to large enterprise or high volume services such as Mobile to small businesses. CloudSense provides interfaces for sales teams, customer service agents, field sales, retail and partners. Customers can self-serve online with our eCommerce. Order Management co-ordinates provisioning and regrades. All based on our communications data model and product catalog in Salesforce.

Key features

  • Product Catalog
  • Communications Data Model
  • Comprehensive pricing tariffs
  • Configure Price Quote
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • eCommerce
  • Field sales on mobile

CloudSense for B2C Communications

Omnichannel Commerce experience

The CloudSense Platform provides CSPs with an eCommerce capability that can be connected to any digital channel for new and existing customers. eCommerce is delivered as part of an Omnichannel Commerce and Order Management that delivers a single persistent shopping cart across every channel which can be configured through role specific interfaces to maximize efficiency and customer conversion. CloudSense have developed a fully elastic solution that is proven to perform at high volumes.

Key features

  • eCommerce new acquisition
  • Authenticated existing customer changes
  • Customer Service Agent
  • Retail
  • Customer Order Management
  • Communications Data Model
  • Comprehensive pricing tariffs

Take Salesforce further

Commerce & CRM BSS

The CloudSense Platform delivers a unique commerce and order management capability on Salesforce that extends and enhances the market leading CRM capability. Salesforce customers benefit from a single solution that gives their users role specific interfaces that deliver communications specific sales and provisioning functionality. Bringing together all the sales channels and giving customers a clean joined-up experience.


  • Enhance the Salesforce Data Model
  • Extend the Salesforce clouds
  • Connect eCommerce & CRM
  • Say goodbye to integration
  • Bring together Commerce & CRM data

Customer Success Story


The UK commercial brand of Telefónica

Over 24 million customers

CloudSense customer since 2010

Leading Digital Service Provider to Businesses

Brendan O Rourke

“The CloudSense Platform gives O2 a commerce
platform that joins together the different sales
channels throughout the sales journey meaning
customers end up with one quote and one bill.”

Brendan O’Rourke
Telefónica UK


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